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Hey! there,

I started this blog with a hope to change the world, to bring to you the message of Love, Hope, Joy, Peace and Life. I believe writing has power, it can change things or people, it can inspire people, it can encourage people, it can unite people, it can spread love, it can give joy, it can make you smile and that is what I hope to do.

You can share your experience on every post. You can tell me how it felt when you read it. You can share your experience when you shared it with your friend. It feels amazing to be a reason of someones smile, to be a reason of someones happiness and I hope you enjoy that feeling.

Moreover I need your help. I need your help to change this world of spiritual lostness to a world of spiritual blessing, to spread love in this world, to give hope to others, to make them smile, to rejuvenate them, to encourage them and to inspire them. If each one of us who reads this and decides to follow, share and encourage others… then that person too does the same… Imagine the transformation we will see around us, a wave of hope, love, joy and smiles spreading like light… touching people and changing them.

My heart feels overjoyed, my soul dances and rejoices when I imagine the transformation we all can bring in to this world. I hope this blesses you. “We can Do all things through Christ who strengthens us”

God Loves you and So do I



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