Is God Dead? : My Response

The second podcast to  #IBelieveProject, Hope you are touched by it.

While the world battles with the world
and people with people
In clashes of opinions and reasons
with words slaying humans and eradicating faith in humanity

Man trying to find answers to his fundamentals
The questions about his origin and purpose
vexatiously forming in his mind

It is where problems form segments
and segments fight each other
over such a question that does God exist up above the sky
or it is a rumour so high ?

But I have a simple answer to tell
I was broken, beaten, torn and shattered
but the touch of God and the thought
of us being created in his image
has marvellously, astonishingly, amazingly and astoundingly
brought life changing sensation in me

And lo, The thought that God became human
gives utmost value to the human species
it makes them supreme beings
among all the other things.
And hearken, I have felt his touch
lift me and mend me
mould me and make me

I was forgotten, neglected and lost in my labyrinthine ways
every now and then

But He lifted my pinioned soul
and with his truth set me free,
his amazing grace so faithful and unswerving
kept me together now and then
and always will forever

And Yea, ’tis His unconditional love
that canst rejuvenate my benumbed soul,
Though I was estranged
He majestically and deliberately died for me

and with this splendid love I stand stunningly amazed

How can I Forget that touch ?
How can I disregard his grace ?
How can I abandon his love ?
How can I pretermit his existence ?

How then will I stand together ?
In one segment and accord,
For he is my sustain-er and my creator
through him I exist
now and forever

He is the cause of the cosmos
the sculptor of the cosmos

it’s very own designer and establisher
How do you question his existence?
Do not the sun, the stars, the moon, the planets,
the galaxies, the nature and you yourselves
with all your glories and magnificence
stand as witnesses to your creator ?

Doesn’t your own mind testify his existence ?
Your mind being so magnificent, splendid and marvellous in its design and action
doesn’t it ask for a designer way greater than his potent ?

How then do you conclude
that it is a rumour indeed
and that the creator doesn’t exist
rather is dead ?

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing



2 thoughts on “Is God Dead? : My Response

  1. AMEN! I KNOW MY REDEEMER LIVES!! He fixed my broken mind! He fixed my dirty heart! He forgave me for things I should not have been forgiven for…HE GAVE ME NEW BIRTH! HE WASHED ME WHITE AS SNOW WITH HIS CRIMSON BLOOD! Once upon a time…I didn’t even think He existed…BUT, GOD! ❤ ❤ ❤

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