Wise Men Still Seek God


I know Christmas is way past over and many of you might have even memorised these verses but I hope this leads us closer to what God wants us to achieve in this new year. For I believe this year is a year of great victory and conquering (For our fight is not that of the flesh but that of Spirit).

I was reading Matthew 2:1-12 and I came across the story of the wise men who traveled from the east to see God. I felt this story was very intriguing and I believe these wise men are not given the credit that they truly deserve. Well they teach us a very important lesson.

Firstly, lets look at a little history to see who these wise men were. Well, they are also referred to as Magi. It first appears in the bible in the book of Daniel when the king Nabuchadnezzar has a dream and he wants to find out its meaning but nobody could reveal the dream and give its interpretation. So the frustrated king orders to kill all the wise men (Magi) of Babylon. Then as we know God gives the revelation to Daniel and Daniel gives the interpretation to the king and doing so, saves the life of all the wise men in Babylon. According to some biblical scholars, the wise men that came to visit Jesus were of the lineage of these wise men that Daniel saved that day. It is believed that Daniel told them about the coming of Christ and that they had to look for a sign.This is the reason that these wise men traveled more than 9000 km on camels from east to see Jesus. They followed the star and the star led them to Jesus.

Well, you’d be shocked to know that even the Jewish leaders, priests and elders knew that a king was to be born unto them as said in the book of Malachi, but they didn’t give heed to the signs around them. And they lived only 9 km’s away from where Jesus was. It is when the Wise Men came to king Herod and inquired if a king is born that they recalled of it from the Old Testament.

I believe this happens to us to, even though maybe we follow Jesus from the past 5 years, 10 years or 20 years but are we still seeking God as the Wise Men sought after him ?

You know sometimes you maybe living so close to the truth that at times you devalue the truth. You don’t give it the honour, respect it is due.

I could give you the example of the servant of Elisha, Gehazi. Gehazi was very close to Elisha, he had seen Elisha perform miraculous wonders and most important of all he had seen the hand of God on his life. Yet even when Elisha tells him not to accept any gift from Naaman, Gehazi goes unto him and takes gift from Naaman. And when Elisha asks him where have you been, he answered ‘your servant hasn’t gone anywhere’. This Elisha is the same person who could hear what the king of another nation spoke in his bedroom, far away at night. This Elisha was the same man whom Gehazi had witnessed healing many people and performing miracles and wonders. He was so close to the truth yet he couldn’t really understand it, or rather he devalued it.

Similarly we also in our Christian lives may have become so monotonous that we sometimes forget the first love that we had for Christ. We take the commandment ” Seek ye first the Kingdom of God…” for granted. Are you still seeking God? 

Do you know what was so unique about these Wise men seeking God ? They risked everything that they had and went to seek God. They were not only seeking God to their sphere of convenience. They go out of their way, beyond lines to seeking God. Imagine travelling on camels back for 9000 km’s and that too following a star. How difficult it might have been. That is what it means to seek God, these Wise Men teach us how it’s done. They show us by actions how we should be seeking God.

What does it mean so seek God ?

Well, I think seeking God is like walking on a spiral, you start from concentric circle and then as you move closer and closer you go to the next concentric circle and so on. Where the centre is Christ and the spiral being his word. You walk on his word seeking him and you move closer to God. This process of walking on the spiral is what I believe is seeking God. The closer you get the more you become like Christ, you decrease and he increases in you. It is not easy walking on the spiral and so he says ” Narrow is the way that leads to life….”You can’t be seeking God upto your convenience, you need to go out of your way to seek God like the Wise Men.

I believe these are the type of people that God really honours and seeks; for example take a look at Moses, he climbs Mount Sinai to just have a glimpse of the burning bush. Look at Peter, he watches Jesus walk on water and he also wants to walk on water he asks God if he can walk too. Recall that short guy in the New Testament who climbs that Sycamore tree just to have a glimpse of Jesus, these are the guys that Jesus befriends and says lets have food together. Jesus seeks for true seekers who seek him in spirit and truth.

It doesn’t end here, seeking God is a lifestyle. If you ask the worlds best cricketer, he’d tell you that ‘cricket determines what I eat, When I go to bed, What I do when I am awake, It determines what I do when I am not playing cricket…. WHY ? Because he’s a cricketer; he decided that his whole life would revolve around cricket and that is why he’s world best cricketer. Similarly we are seekers and so our life should revolve around seeking God’s kingdom and his righteousness. Every action that we take should be measured and analysed on the fact that – is it gonna take me a step closer on the spiral towards to centre ?

Let’s not like Gehazi, living around the truth devalue it. Rather like Daniel, David and John lets seek God with everything that we have. Giving heed to his voice and his commandments. Today let us ask ourselves this question Are we seeking God ?  and  Are we seeking God beyond our convenience ?   

Be blessed and Be a blessing.


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